Floral Marketing Research Fund Announces Rebranding

The Floral Marketing Research Fund (FMRF), the industry’s organization for floral marketing research and resources, has announced its rebrand to the Floral Marketing Fund (FMF). The comprehensive rebrand elevates the need to focus on collaborative marketing efforts and position the Floral Marketing Fund to bring industry organizations together.

“Hugs & Smiles Bouquet” Consumer Promotion Campaign is a Floral Industry Collaboration

The “Hugs & Smiles Bouquet” consumer promotion campaign was activated on July 27, 2020. The Great Lakes Floral Association (GLFA), the Association of Flower Importers of Florida (AFIF), American Floral Endowment (AFE) Floral Marketing Research Fund, CalFlowers, and Asocolflores have come together as the Floral Marketing Supporters to fund and support the “Hugs & Smiles Bouquet” consumer marketing campaign.

Determining Consumer Preferences for Floral Designs Elements

This project, co-funded by the Floral Marketing Research Fund and PMA, seeks to answer this overarching question and thereby enhance the likelihood of floral purchases in the future.

#FlowerMarketingMonday Series Continues With Brand New Videos Kicking Off The New Year

February 5, 2019 American Floral Endowment

In 2018, FMRF and AFE launched a video series called #FlowerMarketingMonday. Every Monday a new, flower-promoting video is released on social media that industry members can download, personalize and share on their own company platforms.

New Study Identifies Consumer Preferences in Floral Design

January 29, 2019 American Floral Endowment

In a new study currently being conducted jointly by the American Floral Endowment (AFE) and the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), funded through the Floral Marketing Research Fund (FMRF), researchers will determine which of these attributes are truly important to consumers and drive their purchase behavior.