The Economic Benefit That Florverde’s Sustainable Flowers Standard Generates In Certified Companies

March 26, 2021 Florverde

Florverde has a set of economic indicators that helps minimize the socio-environmental risk of certified farms, develop organizational skills and creates new markets for these farms.

Comparing Florverde Sustainable Flowers and GLOBALG.A.P + GRASP

October 28, 2019 Florverde

It is increasingly evident that, in the world of certification standards, new initiatives appear or are being promoted by different markets that aim to become regional or global references.

This is Florverde Sustainable Flowers

Florverde Sustainable Flowers is a standard that covers socio-labor, environmental and quality management aspects in the production of flowers and ornamentals in Latin American countries. FSF adopts the international requirements of both social and environmental agreements, ensuring that the most relevant aspects to the sustainability in floriculture of this region are covered in a comprehensive and inclusive manner.

Kroger Will Now be Accepting Florverde Certification for its Floral Suppliers

January 14, 2019 Florverde

Kroger will now be accepting Florverde Sustainable Flowers certification in lieu of the Kroger Social Compliance Audit for its floral suppliers. The news was shared by Sofia B. Castillo, Social Compliance Manager of Kroger.