DoorDash Launches Flower Delivery with Diamonds this Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2022 DoorDash

Florals for Valentine’s Day? Groundbreaking. Well, this time it really is, because starting today DoorDash is making it possible for customers to send fresh, beautiful, and same-day delivery of flowers to loved ones. DoorDash launched flower delivery, partnering with more than 3,000 local and national florists across the country for on-demand delivery, making it easier for customers to discover and gift their favorite floral bouquets. 

Jet Fresh Flowers Launches Fresh Delivery

September 1, 2021 Jet Fresh Flowers

Look out, Miami! Jet Fresh Flower Distributors is now delivering fresh-cut flowers in water to your door. Fresh Delivery, our new flower delivery service is transporting wholesale fresh-cut bunches to the floral trade in water and inside a refrigerated vehicle.

SnapBlooms Announces Launch of US-Wide E-Commerce Platform for Flower Delivery

February 26, 2021 SnapBlooms

Online flower delivery service SnapBlooms today announces the launch of its US-wide e-commerce flower delivery platform. The SnapBlooms platform works in collaboration with local florists nationwide, who are able to leverage its state of the art technology to help ensure product quality and excellent customer service.

How Flower Delivery Services are Growing Their Consumer Bases in 2021

Successful campaigns by ecommerce floral brands that feature humor, targeted ads and differentiation in product and price can serve as inspiration for this year’s digital advertising push as Valentine’s Day approaches.

Flower Delivery Companies Have Emerged as Unlikely Winners of the Pandemic

Flower delivery services are thriving in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.