Chrysal Celebrates 75 Years of Flower Food

January 19, 2024 Chrysal International B.V.

Chrysal celebrates 75 years of flower food this year. For three-quarters of a century, Chrysal’s flower food has been extending the lifespan of flowers, allowing consumers worldwide to enjoy their flowers even longer. However, with this milestone, we are not only celebrating the past but also taking the time to focus on a sustainable future.

Homemade Remedies Are No Substitute for Flower Food

In actuality these home remedies are quite ineffective because none of them contain all the necessary ingredients to feed and nourish the stems. Only formulated commercial flower foods contain all the correct ingredients in the right proportions to enable flowers to last longer.

FloraLife Introduces Recyclable Plastic Flower Food Packets

March 15, 2023 FloraLife

FloraLife, a division of Smithers-Oasis Company, and worldwide leader in providing solutions throughout the flower journey from farm to vase, is introducing recyclable, all-polypropylene plastic flower food packets.

Chrysal introduces Recyclable Liquid Flower Food Sachet

In the last couple of years Chrysal worked intensively in making their packaging and products sustainable, such as introducing our sustainable sachets. And it even gets better with the new Chrysal Recyclable Liquid sachet. The Chrysal Recyclable Liquid sachet is the first liquid flower food package made from fully recyclable plastic, polypropylene.

Effects of FloraLife Lisianthus Flower Food

June 3, 2022 FloraLife

Lisianthus is a crop that needs continuous flower food supply postharvest for optimum vase life, flowering percentage, and petal color intensity results. Lisianthus is usually harvested when a stem has a couple of open flowers. These flowers have an intense color. The buds that open later usually have a paler color, up to the stage that the color has basically vanished.