Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia Launches ‘Food Saver Challenge’ to Combat Food Waste in Philadelphia

The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN), in
partnership with the National Defense Resource Council (NRDC), is thrilled to announce the
launch of its ‘Food Saver Challenge,’ an innovative initiative aimed at supporting local
businesses across Philadelphia in reducing food waste.

Giant Food and Divert, Inc. Process 30.8 Million Pounds of Wasted Food in First Year of Collaboration

July 27, 2023 Giant Food

Divert’s technology and responsible infrastructure solutions have positioned Giant Food as a leader in decarbonization, wasted food prevention and food recovery.

New Data from Divert, Inc. Shows 20% Increase in Grocery Store Wasted Food During the Summer Months

June 21, 2023 Divert

The Summer Solstice – Divert, Inc., an impact technology company on a mission to Protect the Value of Food™, today announced new data showing that wasted food from grocery stores increases by an average of nearly 20% during the summer months compared to the winter months.

Full Harvest Reduces Food Waste Faster by Expanding Supply Chain Digitization to All Produce Grades

May 3, 2023 Full Harvest

Full Harvest, a proven leader in the battle against food waste, today announced its expansion beyond surplus to all USDA Grade 1 produce on its online marketplace for commercial buyers and sellers. Solving the food waste problem faster by bringing the entire produce market online for more efficiencies, the addition expands its reach to retailers, food service companies, and direct-to-consumer distributors, among others.

Not All Waste is Waste: Support Sustainable Dairy with Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese

April 26 is Stop Food Waste Day! Not all food waste is waste—in fact, many of the byproducts of the food you love, have peels, rinds, rusks or cores, and can be used as fuel for cows that produce milk for award-winning Crave cheese.