Stop & Shop Expands Flashfood to Over 30 Massachusetts Locations, All Rhode Island Locations

January 27, 2023 Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop, a neighborhood grocer for over 100 years, announced today that Flashfood, a digital marketplace that significantly reduces food waste at the retail level by connecting consumers with discounted food nearing its best by date, expanded availability of its program across 34 of its Massachusetts stores and all Rhode Island Locations.

Sprouts Farmers Market Launches Rescued Organic Produce Program Designed to Reduce Food Waste and Support Farmers

January 26, 2023 Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts Farmers Market, one of the largest and fastest growing specialty retailers of fresh, natural, and organic food in the United States, announced today the launch of its Rescued Organics program in all 130 stores in California. Sprouts’ Rescued Organics program reduces food waste and supports local farmers by bringing to market imperfect organic produce that would typically be discarded due to imperfections that do not affect quality.

Food Waste Concerns Intensify as High Inflation Persists

January 2, 2023 Packaged Facts

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many products have experienced price increases due to a combination of factors such as high demand, supply issues, and rising labor costs. According to Packaged Facts’ new report Food Waste & Upcycling: Trends & Opportunities in Sustainability, 61% of consumers in the proprietary November 2022 Packaged Facts National Online Consumer Survey strongly agree that they are concerned about rising food prices, and for good reason.

OneThird Solves the Avocado Problem and Addresses One Trillion Dollar Food Waste Challenge at CES 2023

December 27, 2022 OneThird

OneThird, a food tech company created to address the annual loss of one-third of all food produced due to spoilage, announced the release of technology that will allow growers, food distributors, grocers and grocery store shoppers to predict the shelf life of fresh produce and minimize food waste.

Apeel Sciences Launches New Imaging and Data Services to Reduce Food Waste and Increase Value Across the Produce Supply Chain

October 26, 2022 Apeel Sciences

Food system innovation company Apeel announced its plan to introduce innovative new solutions that will allow stakeholders across all stages in the fresh produce supply chain to instantly and non-destructively determine the ripeness of avocados. By coupling advanced imaging technology with machine learning, Apeel has increased visibility into internal quality and ripeness, now allowing producers and grocery retailers to make more informed sorting, shipping, and merchandising decisions, which has the potential to further mitigate food waste and help consumers enjoy consistently ripe and reliable avocados.