FPAA Celebrates the Fresh Produce Industry Essential Workers

The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas (FPAA) hosted a breakfast event on December 15th, 2021 to honor the industry’s essential workers as part of 2021 Member of the Year celebration. This fall, the FPAA announced the Essential Worker as the 2021 Member of the Year recipient. The Essential Worker represents all those who contributed to the success of a secure food supply during the last year. From warehouse workers to administrative staff, the award was dedicated to all the employees of FPAA member companies.

“University of Arizona Research Project Discovers Consumer Demand for Specialty Bell Peppers”

December 3, 2021 Agtools

The study showed that consumers seem to be driving the market for high-quality greenhouse and shade house peppers and cucumbers. Colored peppers from Mexico demonstrate a strong preference from consumers, retailers, and wholesalers. Mexican cucumbers, English, Persian and mini cucumbers have continued to grow market share due to prime growing conditions and superior packing standards. The Super Select “slicer” cucumber from Mexico continues to set the standard.

FPAA and TIPA Support Bipartisan Efforts to Maintain the Standard Definitions in 2019 Tomato Suspension Agreement

The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas (FPAA) and the Texas International Produce Association (TIPA) applaud the efforts of Congressman Vicente Gonzalez in leading a bipartisan letter addressed to the Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, regarding a proposal to reinterpret parts of the 2019 Suspension Agreement on Fresh Tomatoes from Mexico (TSA).

FPAA Supports Infrastructure Grant Proposals to Boost The Fresh Produce Industry in Southern Arizona

Southern Arizona’s fast paced border community serves as one of biggest imported fresh produce distribution regions. The accessibility from the port of entry to warehouses, cold rooms, and highways makes the Nogales community a competitive state for incoming commodities.

FPAA: Non-Tariff Barriers Impact Perishable Imports at the Mexico-US Border

“Technical barriers to trade emerged as a cudgel in the previous Administration,” said FPAA President Lance Jungmeyer. “It’s time for to revisit the impact of these. Technical barriers to trade cause our trading partners to respond in kind, and this harms all of US agriculture.”