As Grilling Culture and Occasions Change, Side Delights Offers Solutions for Shoppers

Side Delights® suggests that retailers stock up on potatoes as the grilling season, occasion and culture evolves, calling for healthy, year-round options beyond the traditional barbecue. 

As Shoppers Shift Potato Spending, Side Delights Suggests New Potato Traditions

April 19, 2022 Fresh Solutions Network

Side Delights® announced shifts in spending and occasion for potato purchases as shoppers continue to cook and celebrate at home. While restaurants and travel are making a return, eating out has become more expensive, and consumers have adapted to the ‘pantry-to-plate’ trend created during the pandemic, spending more on produce – including potatoes.  

As Shoppers Become More Health Conscious, Side Delights Responds With Data Supporting Nutrition-Packed Potatoes as a Solution

March 17, 2022 Fresh Solutions Network

As new research confirms that COVID-19 has made people more health-conscious, the potato is trending again with shoppers, scientists, and the media. Recent stories in major media outlets such as TODAY and PARADE remind consumers that potatoes “loaded with nutrients like vitamin C, potassium and B6 and fiber” are “uber-healthy.” 

As Shoppers Plan Easter and Mother’s Day Menus, Side Delights Suggests Secondary Displays to Promote Potato Pairings

February 17, 2022 Fresh Solutions Network

In advance of Easter and Mother’s Day, Side Delights® is providing potato pairings and secondary display suggestions to help increase spring holiday grocery sales.

As Shoppers Continue to Cook at Home and Increase Spending, Side Delights Potato Products Deliver on the 2022 Trends

January 13, 2022 Fresh Solutions Network,

Side Delights® kicks off the New Year with the plant-based products that shoppers seek to save time and money while reducing food waste. While cooking at home is here to stay, consumers are looking for easy to prepare foods. Recent data shows that 44 percent of consumers cooked more often in 2021 than pre-pandemic1, and with supply-chain concerns and a renewed appreciation of eating at home, the trend doesn’t appear to be going away.