Frieda’s Tropical Fruits Make Back-to-school Lunches Colorful, Healthy & Delicious

The new school year is here but with mask mandates, mask bans, and unpredictability around when vaccines will be available for kids under 12,  the only thing certain about this school year is uncertainty. But no matter how the year evolves, one constant involves inspiring your shoppers to make healthy, fun and delicious lunches for their kids.

Frieda’s Hatch Chiles are Among the First of the Season

The famous, flavorful, limited-edition Hatch Chile pepper season has started earlier than predicted. Mother Nature herself is known to be a Hatch “Chile Head” and we are attributing the early start of the season to her.

Frieda’s Limited-Edition Angelcots Have Arrived!

The highly coveted, always anticipated Angelcot® season has begun, and this year we celebrate the labor of love that gives this unique varietal its rosy glow.

Frieda’s Says Goodbye Quarantine Fifteen, Hello Healthy Eating!

While Frieda’s Specialty Produce is known for many things, within the office our competitive weight loss challenge has become somewhat of an institution. Here’s how some of our biggest winners found success.

This Summer it’s All About Trendy Tropicals

With Memorial Day just around the corner and social restrictions opening up, shoppers are getting ready to relax and reunite. What better way to do that than by encouraging them to try something new, juicy and delicious at their next backyard BBQ or picnic-in-the park?