Make Way for Food Meets Fashion, Mood from your Food and 100% in on Zero-Proof Cocktails in the New Year

December 5, 2019 Frieda’s Specialty Produce

Frieda’s Specialty Produce, known for spotting trends like veggies for dessert and unicorn food, has released its predictions for 2020 to help retailers make room for what’s hot.

Frieda’s Wins Bronze Award from Sysco’s E-Commerce Platform, Supplies on the Fly

November 22, 2019 Frieda’s Inc.

In August 2018, Frieda’s Specialty Produce and foodservice powerhouse Sysco joined forces with the goal of helping chefs get the best quality and variety of produce through their innovative e-commerce platform, Supplies on the Fly. On October 24, 2019, Sysco recognized their best vendor partners in a special award ceremony and, out of 2,300 vendors, Frieda’s was awarded a Bronze award for their valued partnership.

Frieda’s Sponsors Charity Event with Keany Produce & Gourmet to Help Fight Poverty and Hunger

Frieda’s Specialty Produce partnered with Keany Produce & Gourmet to sponsor the secret ingredient at DC Central Kitchen’s Capital Food Fight on November 6th.

Frieda’s Helps Make Your Store the Plant-based Destination for the Holidays

October 23, 2019 Frieda’s Specialty Produce

“As more shoppers are looking for meatless main dish alternatives, it’s important for retailers to make plant-based foods a focus in their stores,” says Alex Berkley, director of sales for Frieda’s.

Frieda’s Brings the Holidays to the Produce Department With Limited-Time Alliums Packaging

October 10, 2019 Frieda’s Specialty Produce

Across the store, shoppers are looking for ways to add more festive cheer into their everyday items during the holiday season—from peppermint-flavored drinks to snowman-themed tissue boxes. It’s time for the produce department to join in on the festive fun!