Belletoile and Brie Couronne Now Available Online

Fromagerie Henri Hutin, French maker of imported cheese brands Belletoile and Brie Couronne, is excited to announce the availability of its award-winning brie cheeses on

Fromagerie Henri Hutin Announces Cheese Board Contest

The well-known cheese manufacturer, Fromagerie Henri Hutin located in France, has partnered up with @muscofoodcorp in USA for a very special Instagram contest.

Fromagerie Henri Hutin introduces Belletoile Semi-Soft Sliced Cheese

Belletoile Creamy Slices are a natural Semi-Soft Sliced Cheese made from just 3 ingredients and are certified NON GMO. The cheese is produced by Master Cheese Makers from the Lorraine region of France in the art of soft ripened cheese like Brie. They offer a unique texture with a mild satisfying taste and an incredibly creamy mouth feel.