Fresh From the Field – 2021/2022 China Fuji Apple Season

December 1, 2021 Vanguard International

With many external hurdles to navigate, 2020 was a disappointing season for Chinese Fuji apples. Sales were slow due to a weak domestic Chinese market and lower overall export volumes from the pandemic paired with increased ocean freight rates and container shortages. 

Stemilt’s Fuji Apples Shines Bright in Snowy WA State

February 4, 2021 Stemilt

Although it’s snowy and cold in Washington State, Stemilt’s beautiful Artisan Organics™ Fuji apples shine bright on packing lines this week. Stemilt is a long-time leader in the Fuji category, growing high-color strains like Aztec and a freshness focus delivered by its supply and demand forecasting program to pack Fuji’s fresh to order.