Global Fishing Watch and Palau Enter Partnership to Enhance Transparency in Fisheries Sector

September 26, 2023 Global Fishing Watch

Global Fishing Watch welcomes a new partnership with Palau that aims to strengthen sustainable fisheries management and promote transparency as a principle of ocean governance.

New Research Reveals Shifting Identities of Global Fishing Fleet to Help Bolster Fisheries Management

January 20, 2023 Global Fishing Watch

A new study published in Science Advances combines a decade’s worth of satellite vessel tracking data with identification information from more than 40 public registries to determine where and when vessels responsible for most of the world’s industrial fishing change their country of registration, a practice known as “reflagging”, and identify hotspots of potential unauthorized fishing and activity of foreign-owned vessels.   

Global Fishing Watch Welcomes Partnership with Benin to Combat Illegal Fishing

May 19, 2022 Global Fishing Watch

A new partnership agreement between Benin and Global Fishing Watch aims to strengthen monitoring, control and surveillance of fishing activities within the waters of the West African State.

New Oceana Analysis Finds 300 Chinese Vessels Pillaging the Galapagos for Squid

September 21, 2020 Oceana

Oceana released a new analysis today that finds nearly 300 Chinese vessels pillaging the waters off the Galapagos Marine Reserve primarily for squid, which are essential to the diet of iconic Galapagos species such as fur seals and hammerhead sharks, as well as for many commercial and recreational fish species, including tuna and billfish, that contribute to the local economy.