BlueNalu Announces Framework for Food Safety and Quality Assurance for Cell-Cultured Seafood, and Commitment to GFSI Third-Party Certification

July 1, 2021 BlueNalu

BlueNalu, a leading innovative food company developing a variety of seafood products directly from fish cells, announced today its framework designed to achieve a premier standard of food safety, quality, and traceability for its cell-cultured seafood production.

The Global Food Safety Initiative Raises the Bar for Food Safety, Releases All-new GFSI Benchmarking Requirements

During the opening plenary of its annual conference, a gathering of more than 1,000 food distributors, manufacturers and safety professionals, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) announced the newest edition of its Benchmarking Requirements.

Retail Pastry Supplier Wins GFSI Global Markets Awards 2020

Alacor, a bakery that supplies pastries to retailers, began its GFSI journey in 2015 and achieved certification in 2017. The company’s facilities have received significant improvements, including a sanitary floor and roof, and all employees have been trained in various FS elements such as HACCP.

Amazon, Nestle, Walmart and More Share Food Safety Best Practices in GFSI Case Study Booklet

February 21, 2020 Global Food Safety Initiative

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is excited to announce its new and improved Case Study Booklet, released just ahead of the 2020 GFSI Conference in Seattle, Washington.

The Global Food Safety Initiative Welcomes New Director, Set to Lead Next Chapter of Growth

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is excited to welcome Erica Sheward as its new Director. GFSI has been gaining momentum around the world for nearly two decades, and Erica’s vast and diverse experience in the food safety industry is expected to help further expand and strengthen GFSI’s ability to lead food safety advancements globally.