Clemson Research Focuses on Bringing Relief to Celiac Disease Sufferers

Sachin Rustgi, an assistant professor of molecular breeding in Clemson’s Advanced Plant Technology Program housed at the Pee Dee Research and Education Center, is working with researchers across the United States to determine how to create glutenases that can withstand high cooking temperatures.

‘Catcher of the Rye’ Method Detects Rye Gluten Proteins In Foods

August 14, 2019 American Chemical Society

Researchers reporting in the Journal of Proteome Research have developed a method to detect proteins from rye, which could help food manufacturers meet regulatory requirements for “gluten-free” claims on foods.

Where Food Comes From, Inc. Launches Gluten Free by WFCF Standard

August 5, 2019 Where Food Comes From

Where Food Comes From, Inc, announced the launch of the Gluten Free by WFCF standard. The new branding replaces the Gluten-Free standard formerly administered by the Company’s ICS business unit.

Fit Baking Company Introduces Gluten Free, High Protein, Low Carb Muffins

December 27, 2018 Fit Baking Company

Whoever claimed so is about to be – at the very least – intrigued by the news that Fit Baking Company, a Dallas, TX based purveyor of healthy, high in protein, and low carb baked goods has managed to create the ultimate recipe for well-balanced gluten free muffins.