Texas Iberico Sliced Lomo Wins 2021 Good Food Award

January 29, 2021 Texas Iberico

Texas Iberico™ Sweet Prickly Pear Cured Lomo has been announced as a winner of the 11th Annual Good Food Awards in the Charcuterie category. The entry was chosen from a pool of over 2000 entrants, including 32 finalists across 22 brands in the USA. This prestigious award recognizes the food crafters that are leading the way in quality, sustainability, and socially responsible production.

Laura Chenel Creamy Brie Wins 2021 Good Food Award

January 25, 2021 Laura Chenel

This prestigious win recognizes Creamy Brie’s outstanding flavor and acknowledges Laura Chenel for its continued commitment to its founding principles of care and community that make it synonymous with the highest-quality goat cheese in America.

Vermont Specialty Food & Beverage Producers Named Finalists at National 2021 Good Food Awards

Twenty-two Vermont specialty food and beverage producers have been named finalists in the national 2021 Good Food Awards. The Good Food Awards are presented by the Good Food Foundation as a way of “shining a spotlight on the taste-making crafters at the vanguard of deliciousness and social and environmental excellence, the Awards catalyzes a shift in spending towards truly good food, and the rest of the industry follows.”

S. Wallace Edwards & Sons Surryano Ham Named Finalist at Good Food Awards

January 7, 2020 S. Wallace Edwards & Sons

Chosen from more than 1800 entries, S. Wallace Edwards and Sons’ Surryano Ham was selected as a Finalist in the Charcuterie Division, and is honored to be bringing home “The Golden Cleaver”.

FireFly Farms’ American Original Cheese, MountainTop, Wins at Prestigious 2019 Good Food Awards

January 30, 2019 FireFly Farms

FireFy Farms, producer of handmade cheese from Mountain Maryland, proudly announces that one of its first-produced soft-ripened goat’s milk cheeses, MountainTop, is a 2019 Good Foods Awards winner. The 2019 awards were announced at the Good Food Awards ceremony held in San Francisco, California on January 11, 2019.