Optimism and Excitement In Vanguard Peru as Grape Season Commences

November 22, 2021 Vanguard International

“Our Ivory variety is the first fruit off the line, and they feature great size, great color, and great taste,” shares Fanny Robles, Vanguard Manager – Peru Procurement and Sales “We’ve never seen Ivory grapes that look like this before,” Robles continues. “We are seeing this consistently for all our varieties and our packinghouse teams have a renewed excitement.” 

LGS Specialty Sales Anticipates Strong 2020 – 2021 Grape Season

November 12, 2020 LGS Specialty Sales

For the next sixth months, LGS will be providing shoppers with access to quality red, green, black and specialty grapes from Peru, Chile and Mexico. LGS’ grapes will be available for purchase in both clamshells and bags.