Organic Thomcord Grapes From Fruit World Co. Available Early August With New Sustainable, High-Graphic Packaging

July 30, 2020 Fruit World Co.

Known for being especially aromatic and flavorful, Thomcord grapes are a hybrid of Concord and Thompson Seedless grapes.

Pretty Lady Vineyards Releases Their Virtual Grape Guide to Kick Off Their New Upcoming Season

July 3, 2020 Pretty Lady Vineyards

Pretty Lady Vineyards is releasing their Virtual Grape Guide to assist their retailers in making the most profit possible through online promotions. The goal of the Virtual Grape Guide is to provide tools across several channels for the produce department team.

T&G Galvanizes For Bigger Slice of Grape Market

September 4, 2019 T&G Global

T&G Global is making its move into the sizeable global grape category under its Orchard Rd brand, with the launch of the first grapes into South East Asia this month.

Fruit World Co. Bringing Thomcord Grapes and Interactive Consumer Engagement Program Back

July 8, 2019 Fruit World Co.

Fruit World Co. anticipates an increased supply of their organic Thomcord grapes for the upcoming 2019 season. A hybrid of the heirloom “grape jelly” Concord Grape and popular Thompson Seedless grape, Thomcords are known for being exceptionally flavorful and aromatic.

Sun World’s Export Volume Growth Leads to Increased Sales and Brand Recognition in International Markets

December 17, 2018 Sun World International

Grape category leader Sun World International has grown their export volume tremendously over the past few years. Growth can be attributed to strong brand presence overseas and strengthened partnerships with receivers.