Florida’s Aaron Welch, III Joins Gulf Seafood Foundation Board

Aaron Welch, III, owner and operator of Two Docks Shellfish in Bradenton, FL, has agreed to join the Board of Directors of the Gulf Seafood Foundation. Welch joins Ed Chiles as the board’s second representative from the Sunshine State.

Mississippi’s Ryan Bradley Joins Gulf Seafood Foundation’s Board

Ryan Bradley, a fifth-generation fisherman who serves as executive director of Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United (MSCFU) and owner of Sea Alis Seafood Company, has joined the Board of Directors of the Gulf Seafood Foundation.

Bravo Top Chef Creates Dinner to Benefit Florida Oyster Farmers and Gulf Seafood Foundation at Barleybrine

Oyster aquaculture is a big investment, a big investment that can easily be washed away by the winds of a mighty hurricane. After Hurricane Michael hit the Florida coast in 2018 there were no news cameras focusing on the damaged crops of Gulf oyster farmers. There was no coverage of lost equipment, lost production, lost profit and lost dreams.

Gulf Seafood Foundation Announces New Board Officers

The Gulf Seafood Foundation has announced a new slate of officers for 2019. Former Sysco Louisiana Seafood chairman Jim Gossen, a native of Lafayette, LA living in Houston, TX, will remain as the President of the organization formed to support and promote the high standards of the Gulf’s vast commercial and recreational fisheries industry.

Gulf Seafood Foundation Member Prestige Oysters First to Enter MSC Assessment

The first oyster fishery in the United States has entered the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) fisheries standard assessment. Prestige Oysters of San Leon, Texas has entered full assessment for oysters harvested in Texas and Louisiana. If granted, it would be the only oyster fishery certified in the Americas.