Aphrodite Artisan Goat’s Milk Halloumi Wins Best New Product Award

September 9, 2020 Studd Enterprizes

Aphrodite Artisan Goat’s milk Halloumi was one of 148 winners announced by a panel of specialty food experts from nearly 2,000 entries across 39 product categories.

Cyprus Farmers Warn of Halloumi Shortages Over EU Protection Plans

December 18, 2019 Nick Squires, Telegraph

In Cyprus, which claims to be the true home of the distinctive squeaky cheese, a battle has broken out over whether to tighten up the rules that govern how it is produced.

Why Cyprus is at Risk of Losing its Precious Halloumi Cheese Commodity

February 27, 2019 Megy Karydes, Forbes

How it’s prepared and where it’s made has been the topic of heated discussions, resulting in a formal application to the European Union to register the cheese as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), and lawsuits.

Cyprus Fails to Retain Halloumi Cheese Trademark in UK in Final Attempt

Cyprus’ final attempt of retaining the trademark for halloumi cheese in the UK went in vain after a British court refused to hear Cypriot authorities appeal in the case. The decision was given by UK’s High Court of Justice Business and Property Courts (Chancery Division) who dismissed the appeal submitted by the Cypriot government.