Government of Canada Unveils New Front-of-Package Nutrition Symbol

June 30, 2022 Health Canada

Keeping Canadians healthy is one of the Government of Canada’s top priorities. Having clear and easy to access information on the foods Canadians find in their grocery stores is an important part of that. 

Canada’s New Food Guide: Red Meat Belongs On Your Plate

January 25, 2019 Canadian Meat Council

Canada’s new Food Guide, released by Health Canada today, highlights what we’ve known for decades, that a quarter of your plate should be protein. Lean red meat provides Canadians with high-quality protein, B vitamins, iron, zinc and other essential nutrients – it’s a healthy choice in a balanced diet.

Dairy Producers Concerned over Revisions to the Canada Food Guide

January 8, 2019 Dairy Farmers of Canada

Health Canada is set to publish a revised Canada Food Guide later this month. Indications are that the document would de-emphasize the scientifically proven nutritional value and health benefits of dairy products by eliminating the Milk and Alternatives group and actively advocating that Canadians shift towards consuming more plant-based sources of protein.