Henri Hutin Celebrates 100 Years of Tradition & Innovation

June 20, 2022 Henri Hutin

La Fromagerie Henri Hutin, created in 1922 when young Henri took over the family creamery, is excited to celebrate its one hundred year anniversary as it continues to be a leading French producer and exporter of soft-ripened, pressed soft-ripened, and spreadable fresh specialty cheeses, with brands including Belletoile, Brie Couronne, and Tours de Paris.

Belletoile Introduces Creamy Slices

January 15, 2020 Belletoile

Recently launched all natural, semi-soft Creamy Slices is crafted following the cheesemaking techniques of Belletoile’s well-known soft-ripened cheese, but skips the aging room and presses the curds, delivering a clean taste with an incredibly creamy texture, adding versatility to the brand’s range of cheeses made in France.