EU Announces Cuts in Baltic Catches of Herring, Cod

October 13, 2021 Associated Press

The European Union imposed cuts in catches of cod and herring in the Baltic Sea on Tuesday, to make sure both threatened stock and the region’s fishing fleet have a chance of survival.

MSC: Urgent Government Action Needed to Protect Vital Fish Stocks In The North East Atlantic

October 4, 2021 Marine Stewardship Council

Concern raised as the combined catch of mackerel, herring and blue whiting overshoots sustainable limits by 4.8 million tonnes since 2015.

Atlanto-Scandian Herring and Blue Whiting Fisheries to be Suspended

December 7, 2020 Marine Stewardship Council

The independent assessors responsible for certifying fisheries to the MSC Fishery Standard have today announced that Atlanto-Scandian herring and blue whiting fisheries will be suspended from the program on 30 December 2020.

Vita Food Products Issues Voluntary Recall of Mislabeled Vita Wild Herring Wine Sauce

March 6, 2020 FDA

Vita Food Products, Inc. of Chicago, Illinois is notifying the public that it is recalling up to 8,376 individual plastic jars of 32 ounce Vita Wild Herring in Wine Sauce that are potentially mislabeled because they may contain sour cream and, therefore, may contain undeclared milk.

Herring Fishermen Looking at Another Cutback in Quota

January 31, 2020 Associated Press

Federal fishing managers are looking for feedback on a plan to further reduce the East Coast limit for herring fishing.