Icelandic Provisions says ‘Halló From Iceland,’ Launching Their First National Advertising Campaign

February 6, 2020 Icelandic Provisions

Icelandic Provisions is pleased to announce the rollout of their first national advertising campaign created, in part, to answer the questions ‘what is Skyr’ and ‘how do you say the word ‘Skyr.’ Developed in tandem with Circus Maximus, an award-winning advertising agency, the campaign was created to help introduce consumers to the nutritious, Nordic alternative to traditional yogurts.

Icelandic Provisions is the Result of an Investment Firm and a Farmer Collective Trusting Each Other

For Jon Flint and his firm Polaris Founders Capital, winning over an Icelandic dairy company came down to appreciating the culture. That’s both the cultures used to make Icelandic skyr, a dairy product similar to yogurt, and the culture of Iceland itself.

Mark Alexander Joins Icelandic Provisions As CEO

February 21, 2019 Icelandic Provisions

Icelandic Provisions, the company that produces traditional Icelandic skyr, has announced that Mark Alexander will be joining as CEO starting February 11, 2019. Outgoing Icelandic Provisions CEO, Steve Platt, will retain an advisory position at the company.