The “Champignon D’hiver” Mushroom is Coming to Your IGA Supermarket Just in Time tor the BBQ Season

June 6, 2022 Winter Farm Inc.

Winter Farm, a Quebec start-up company specializing in agrotech, is pleased to announce that its latest product – the Champignon d’hiver mushroom – is now available in most IGA supermarkets and Rachelle-Béry stores across Quebec.

The Largest Controlled-Environment Vertical Strawberry Farm in Canada is Launched in Vaudreuil

November 22, 2021 Winter Farm   

After launching its innovative concept a year and a half ago, Quebec company Winter Farm is inaugurating its first industrial unit in Vaudreuil. With a total area of 1,150 m2, the project carried out in two phases in partnership with Les Serres Vaudreuil becomes the largest controlled-environment vertical strawberry farm in Canada. Every year, between October and June, over 180,000 kilograms of strawberries will be grown, which is the equivalent of production yielded by more than 2 hectares of traditional greenhouse area.

FoodHero is Now Available at Nearly 200 IGA Stores Across Québec

November 26, 2019 IGA

Nearly 200 IGA stores across Québec are now offering a new way to reduce food waste, in the form of an app that prevents food from being thrown out: FoodHero. With advantages for both consumers and stores owners, the program has been a hit since it launched last May.

IGA Will Accept Reusable Containers For Food Purchases Beginning Sept. 16

September 4, 2019 PRESSE CANADIENNE

The food retailer’s announcement comes after the Metro chain adopted the same policy last April. IGA had been testing the policy in several stores for the past few weeks and will now extend it to the entire chain in Quebec.

IGA and FoodHero Join Forces to Reduce Food Waste

June 21, 2019 IGA

IGA and FoodHero are announcing the launch of a mobile app to fight food waste and offer Quebecers discounts on perfectly edible food close to their expiration date. After successfully launching a pilot project in its Langelier store in collaboration with Montréal-based start-up FoodHero, IGA is expanding its program to five other stores before ultimately rolling it out to all of its Québec supermarkets.