Il Granaio delle Idee and Ginkgo Bioworks Announce Strategic Collaboration to Optimize Sourdough Strains for Bakery Products

May 1, 2024 Il Granaio delle Idee

Lactic acid bacteria helps give sourdough its distinctive taste. IGDI has used its proprietary technology to develop a product, Pater, that keeps lactic acid bacteria dispersed in flour, viable and stable over time. Pater is a shelf stable, dried baking mix that can be used to make sourdough en masse, enabling artisanal and industrial bakers to expand their potential offerings of sourdough-based products. Bakers can use Pater to enhance the flavor, fragrance, structure, and color of bread, improve digestibility, and extend bread freshness. Additionally, Pater can produce natural emulsifiers, and can thus lessen the reliance on chemical additives used widely in the baking industry.