North American Meat Institute to House Judiciary: Meat & Poultry Industry not to Blame for Inflation

The North American Meat Institute (Meat Institute) today said consumers saw increased meat prices in 2021 because of labor shortages, greater consumer demand, supply chain problems and other factors experienced by most sectors of the economy.

White House National Economic Council Blog the Latest Attempt to Paint Meat Industry as Food Inflation’s Boogeyman -NCC

December 23, 2021 National Chicken Council

The most recent drumbeat from the White House National Economic Council (NEC) blaming the meat and poultry industry for their failed policies and rising meat prices came yesterday in a blog post. Let’s look at the facts according to the federal government’s own data.

Fresh Del Monte Announces Price Increases in Response to Inflationary Market

October 29, 2021 Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.

The move comes in response to unprecedented market conditions and inflationary pressures being felt across all industries, affecting Fresh Del Monte particularly as it relates to production and supply chain.

Limited Availability, High Demand Send Seafood Prices Skyrocketing

Limited availability and seafood price inflation mean consumers are seeing much less to order or buy at many restaurants and markets.

There’s No Food Inflation for Avocados

Americans may be paying more at the grocery store for everything from steak and eggs to paper towel and detergent, but they’re getting a veritable bargain when it comes to avocados.