The Court of Bari Enjoins Illegal Grape Production

In a landmark decision, the Court of Bari issued a first-of-its-kind injunction forbidding an Italian grape producer from harvesting or selling any table grapes from unauthorized plantings of Sugrathirtyfive variety (AUTUMNCRISP® brand) grapevines.

SNFL Group Takes Action in Italy Against a New Infringement of His Intellectual Property Rights

August 18, 2022 SNFL Group

New Fruit Licensing (SNFL) Group communicates that it “has obtained an (ex parte) order against two growers to ascertain that they were producing its protected table grape varieties without a license in the area of Palagiano and Castellaneta in the province of Taranto, Italy.

Sun World Appoints New Executive Vice President of Intellectual Property

December 17, 2020 Sun World

Sun World International LLC, a leading variety development and licensing company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Simpson as Executive Vice President/Intellectual Property.

Webinar on Intellectual Property Protection in the Green Value Chain

Plant breeders, growers, traders and retailers are invited to a webinar designed to help the horticultural supply chain get a better general understanding of how Intellectual Property (IP) works in the sector, how it benefits all players and why all links in the chain need to be aware.

IFG- International Fruit Genetics Company Combats Intellectual Property Infringement

INTERNATIONAL FRUIT GENETICS, LLC (IFG) has taken steps to protect its intellectual property in China. The California-based company is the sole and unique proprietor of different table grape varieties, such as IFG Six (Sweet Sapphire ™), IFG Eleven (Sugar Crisp ™), IFG Sixteen (Sweet Favors ™), and IFG Seventeen (Sweet Joy ™).