International Floral Distributors: Top Flowers For 2020 Revealed

Helen Miller, AIFD, CAFA, CF and Derek Woodruff AIFD, CFD, CF, PFCI, AAF have released their picks for the top cut flowers for 2020!

Shifting Flower Preferences for 2020

Trends represent shifts in consumer preferences. Sometimes the shifts are huge and cut across most all consumer profiles. Sometimes a trend is only actualized in a small portion of all consumers, but when the impact is large enough to cause a noticeable change in demand for the trend product(s), the trend is big and the impact wider. Flower Trends Forecast 2020 identifies the changes in consumer preferences impacting the most change in demand for cut flowers and floral décor.

Miller & Woodruff to Lead Flower Trends Forecast 2020

Published since 2009 by International Floral Distributors (IFD), the Flower Trends Forecast studies consumer buying patterns providing insight into how to best adjust to evolving consumer inclinations. IFD Flower Trends Forecast will be released October 1, 2019 and a trend reveal program is scheduled at the Society of American Florists Convention, SAF Amelia Island September 18-21, 2019.