American Shrimp Processors Association Applauds International Trade Commission for Maintaining Antidumping Orders on Imported Shrimp

The United States International Trade Commission (ITC) voted today to maintain Antidumping Orders on unfairly traded imported shrimp from China, India, Thailand, and Vietnam. The vote was taken in connection with the Third Five Year Sunset Review on the shrimp antidumping orders. All five ITC Commissioners voted unanimously that the US shrimp industry would likely continue to suffer material injury if the antidumping orders were removed.

International Trade Commission Issues Adequacy Determination, Votes to Conduct Full Sunset Reviews of Antidumping Duty Orders on Chinese, Indian, Thai, and Vietnamese Shrimp

August 9, 2022 Southern Shrimp Alliance

On Friday, the five Commissioners currently sitting on the U.S. International Trade Commission (“Commission”) voted unanimously that the submissions by the U.S. domestic shrimp industry in response to the notice of institution of the third sunset reviews of the antidumping duty orders on certain frozen warmwater shrimp from China, India, Thailand, and Vietnam were “adequate,” meaning that they had met the statutory and regulatory requirements to justify a full review of the trade relief. 

Industry Groups & Elected Officials Stand with American Blueberry Growers

A broad coalition of industry groups, elected officials, and state agricultural leaders – including U.S. Sens. Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters of Michigan – are standing up to defend the interests of American blueberry growers by submitting letters of support for the International Trade Commission’s investigation into the serious injury caused by surging imports of foreign blueberries, the American Blueberry Growers Alliance announced.

Trade Minister Says She’ll Keep Eye on U.S. Probe of Canadian Lobster Industry

September 3, 2020 The Canadian Press

International Trade Minister Mary Ng says she’s keeping a close watch on a trade investigation into the Canadian lobster industry requested by the administration of United States President Donald Trump.