Jarlsberg Cheese Continues Its Year-Long “Cheese by Numbers” Giveaway Series Live Now with Mother’s Day and Norway Day Promotions

April 29, 2019 Jarlsberg Cheese

The giveaway series will be featured now and through May around Mother’s Day (That Slay All Day Plate), Norway Day (That Happy Birthday Plate) and continue Thanksgiving (That Friendsgiving Plate), and the winter holidays (That Signature Plate).

Jarlsberg Cheese Kicks Off Its Year-Long “Cheese by Numbers” Social Giveaway Series

February 19, 2019 Norseland

Jarlsberg® is launching a year-long giveaway series, kicking off with Valentine’s Day, that centers on delightful cheese plates made in collaboration with Marissa Mullen, the founder of “That Cheese Plate” and “Cheese By Numbers.”