Envy, Jazz Apples Ready for Strong U.S. Fall Harvest, High Impact Consumer Promotions With Celebrity Endorsement

October 8, 2020 T&G Global

T&G Global is forecasting a strong North American harvest for both Envy™ and JAZZ™ apples in the weeks ahead, powered right out of the gate by a variety of promotions to ensure widespread availability of these spectacular tasting cultivars for shoppers nationwide. The brand activations also include a significant presence in broadcast media, among other exciting campaigns to pique consumer interest.

Jazz Apples Hailed as ‘Irresistibly Crisp and Juicy’ in Rave Review by Oprah Magazine

September 10, 2020 T&G Global

JAZZ™ apples have received the highest praise from one of America’s most beloved family magazines. OprahMag.com, the digital home of O! The Oprah Magazine, today described JAZZ apples as “irresistibly crisp and juicy” in a hero story about the nutritional benefits of apples.

JAZZ Apple Snackdown Kicks Off New Campaign

August 14, 2020 T&G Global

T&G’ Global’s JAZZ™ apples are reimagining snacking with a competitive twist. Their newest campaign Bring On the Snack, aspires to motivate shoppers to reach for healthy snacking options, emphasizing the uniquely satisfying crunch of JAZZ™ apples as well as their portable size amongst competing apple varieties.

New Zealand Envy & JAZZ Expected to Turn Shopper Heads

May 29, 2020 T&G Global

The New Zealand apple crop has landed, and retailers and shoppers should expect fresh, large and exceptionally flavorful apples to hit stores in June, enabling high-quality, year-round apple programs from T&G Global.

JAZZ Apples & Oppy Offer Support to Help Feed Children During COVID-19

April 10, 2020 T&G Global:

Kids love JAZZ™ apples. Now the fruit is responding in kind, by helping combat childhood hunger during the COVID-19 crisis.