Jensen Meat Co. and Partners Donate Two Million Plant-Based Patties to Nonprofit Organization

December 30, 2021 Jensen Meat Co.

The December initiative collaborates with Jensen’s plant-based partners such as Before the Butcher, Everything Legendary, and others that wish to remain anonymous, which donated one pound of plant-based patties for every ten pounds of production. Jensen’s donation of 500,000 pounds, or two million individual plant-based patties, will benefit multiple communities through Feeding San Diego’s distribution network.

Jensen Meat Co. Officially Opens Plant-based Division

October 22, 2021 Jensen Meat Co.

Jensen Meat, a leading processor of quality ground beef products for the foodservice distribution, restaurant, retail, and school markets, announces the opening of its first plant-based production facility. Its new production plant represents a milestone for the company, which announced its plan to manage co-packing opportunities for plant-based beef alternatives three years ago.

Jensen Meat Co. Adds Plant-based Division

January 25, 2021 Jensen Meat

Jensen Meat, a Southern California-based processor of ground beef, is currently expanding both its facilities and its team to manage co-packing opportunities for plant-based beef alternatives. To accelerate production, Jensen has already broken ground on its new processing plant which will also create new jobs when complete.