Your Better Half: Making Connections And Enjoying The City: The Spouse & Companion Program at Work

The New York Produce Show and Conference is all business – but business is about building relationships and that is often best done with your significant other. So, since its founding we have run a terrific Spouse/Companion Program focused on making the New York experience a joy for everyone’s “significant other.”

The Secret Sauce: How to Boost Produce Consumption and Why it Matters

The Perishable Pundit has supported Brighter Bites since the start, because it has attempted to address something that most school based consumption programs have failed to address –  a rigorous scientific process showing the effectiveness of their program. We asked Pundit investigator and special projects editor, Mira Slott, to find out more.

A Canadian Perspective: On The Pandemic, On Produce and Progress

Ron Lemaire, president of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA), will be one of the expert presenters for this year’s Global Trade Symposium, which takes place Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2021, and leads into the Opening Reception of the New York Produce Show and Conference.

Becoming All You Can Be: Cornell and The Foundational Excellence Program

We developed the Foundational Excellence program, working with Cornell University, back in 2015. The hundreds of people that have gone through the program share two characteristics. Not one has ever had a negative word to

A Rigorous Debate: From Retail To Grower, What Makes Canada Unique and How to Profit From It

We thought it made sense to gather in New York a group focused on the Canadian market and review  the past, the present and look to the future. So we went across the supply chain from production to retail and foodservice, reaching out to six Canadians and one American responsible for her firm’s Canadian business.