Frieda Caplan: So Good at Lifting Us Up

How can you not love someone who, through decades and decades, was so good at lifting you up? What Frieda’s presence did for the whole industry was remind us that we can be more inclusive, more successful and generous of heart. We shall not see her kind again.

Preview to the New York Produce Show and Conference

It’s that time of year to preview some of the intriguing speakers who will be at The New York Produce Show and Conference and its co-located events beginning next week.

Foundational Excellence Program Showcases Latest Research on Generic Promotions, Varietal Development and Consumers’ Response to GMOs

In addition to presenting important research results on the main show day, Professor Rickard has been an important part of the Foundational Excellence program that we present jointly with Cornell University. His role is to get attendees thinking about key issues in the produce industry and he does it by giving riveting, rapid fire summaries of key research he has been conducting related to the industry. So we were very excited when we learned what he planned for the Foundational Excellence program this year.

Be in the Room Where it Happens… Inaugural Global Grape Summit Co-Located With London Produce Show Gathers The Best and The Brightest Building the Grape Industry of Tomorrow

When we launched PRODUCE BUSINESS magazine back in 1985, we committed to an identity — that our role would be to “Initiate Industry Improvement.” To help the industry wrestle with issues such as these, we are launching a new event, the Global Grape Summit and co-locating it with The London Produce Show and Conference. The idea is to gather the best and the brightest thought- and practice-leaders of the global grape trade to share information, ideas and build a brighter future for the industry.

The Words That Can’t Be Spoken: Who is Buying Product Not in Compliance With Leafy Greens Metrics? Where are the Industry Leaders Stepping Up to Solve This Problem? Tightening Water Metrics is Great — But Not Enough. Eliminating the 1% From Commercial Trade is a Financial and Moral Obligation

The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement announced they would be tightening metrics related to surface water used for overhead irrigation in response to the food safety issues of 2018. Taylor Farms announced it would only source product from growers who perform on-site treatment of water used in overhead irrigation. These are both very positive steps for the industry and real signs of leadership. But in reading the LGMA release, we couldn’t help but be drawn to the missing 1%. It is obvious that even the 1% of non-compliance is a risk too large for the industry to take.