King Arthur Baking Company Launches New Keto, Low-Carb Mixes and Gluten-Free Pizza Flour

In order to leverage top trends, like yeasted baking and better-for-you dessert options, King Arthur Baking Company is launching a new collection of Keto mixes and Gluten-Free Pizza Flour that allow bakers to experience the joy of baking while living a keto, carb-conscious, or gluten free lifestyle.

Baking Reveal: King Arthur Baking Company’s Top Recipes From The Past Quarter Century

January 5, 2022 King Arthur Baking Company

What were you doing on December 25, 1996? Here at King Arthur, we were launching our first website … and holding our breath. Perhaps our biggest fear, though, was this: would people want to desert their beloved cookbooks and look at our “online recipes”? Thankfully, the answer to that was a resounding YES.

Finalists Selected for 2021 Virtual National Festival of Breads

May 19, 2021 Kansas Wheat

After analyzing, mixing, kneading, baking and tasting, a panel of judges has selected the final recipes that will be represented in the seventh National Festival of Breads, sponsored by Red Star Yeast®, King Arthur Baking Company® and Kansas Wheat. This year’s virtual event is scheduled for June 9, 2021.

King Arthur Baking Company Sees Flour Sales Rise 58% Amid Pandemic

March 11, 2021 Yahoo

Lots of time spent at home during the pandemic has brought out the inner baker in many of us. Just turn to the numbers for proof: King Arthur Baking Company sold over 156 million pounds of flour in 2020 — a 58% increase over 2019.

Challenge Yourself this New Year to Enter the 2021 National Festival of Breads

January 12, 2021 Julia Debes for Kansas Wheat

Looking for a creative challenge to start 2021? Brush off your mixer, don your apron and develop your own original recipe for the 2021 National Festival of Breads. Entries are accepted January 8 through February 22, and winners will receive cash prizes and baking bundles from sponsors Kansas Wheat, King Arthur Baking Company and Red Star Yeast.