US Kosher Supermarket Chain Relaunching Under New Ownership

February 6, 2019 Ben Sales, Times of Israel

Seasons, the American kosher supermarket chain that declared bankruptcy last year, has new owners and is reopening one of its closed locations.

Ravitz Family Markets Recalls 30-Year Relationship With Kayco-Kedem

January 31, 2019 Wakefern Food Corp.

In a recent interview, Harold Weiss, long-time executive with Kayco, recounted his long association with ShopRite and the member-owner families that belong to Wakefern and operate ShopRite stores. “Around 30 years ago, products imported from Israel were scarce, but on the verge of wide importation to the US. Steve Ravitz of Ravitz Family Markets recognized the demand for such products and was at the forefront of that push to get those products in store,” recalled Weiss.

Bimbo Bread Is Back For Kosher Consumers

Bimbo Bakeries USA announced this week that it will reverse a November decision to remove kosher certification from almost all of its bread products, a decision that created an uproar among kosher-abiding consumers.

Kayco Brings Variety, Convenience, And Quality For Passover To Whole Foods Market

January 15, 2019 Kayco

Kayco announced today that beginning in March, more than 20 new and traditional Kosher-for-Passover products will be available in Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. Kayco is the leading kosher food distributor, representing trusted brands such as Gefen, Hadar, Chef Jeff, Kedem, Yehuda, Glicks, Fox’s, and Harrison’s among others.