Why Fruit Flies Could Hold the Secret to Scaling Up Lab-Grown Meat

February 28, 2023 TALIB VISRAM, Fast Company

While the pests are a nuisance in the home, in the lab they could help the cultivated meat industry lower sky-high production costs and meet surging demand. A Canadian company is using fruit flies as a growth medium to produce recombinant proteins, a key raw material in lab-grown meat. The system is designed to replace the current method of protein production, offering a way that’s cheaper, more sustainable, and easier to scale.

Lab-Grown Meat Moves Closer to American Dinner Plates

January 27, 2023 Leah Douglas, Reuters

Once the stuff of science fiction, lab-grown meat could become reality in some restaurants in the United States as early as this year.

NC is a Leading Pork and Poultry Producer. Now, a Company Wants to Grow Chicken in a Lab.

Believer Meats is investing more than $123 million to build a manufacturing facility in Wilson Corporate Park. When complete, the Wilson facility will employ about 100 people, with Believer targeting the production of about 22 million pounds of meat a year.

Lab-Grown Meat is Supposed to be Inevitable. The Science Tells a Different Story.

October 11, 2021 Joe Fassler, The Counter

Splashy headlines have long overshadowed inconvenient truths about biology and economics. Now, extensive new research suggests the industry may be on a billion-dollar crash course with reality.

5 Israeli Cultivated Meat Startups Taking Off Because of Corona

Producing real meat without harming animals or the environment is no fantasy. Thirty cultivated meat startups, five of them Israeli, have emerged over the past seven years. Giant industry players such as Tyson are investing in this quest.