Lab-Grown Meat is Supposed to be Inevitable. The Science Tells a Different Story.

October 11, 2021 Joe Fassler, The Counter

Splashy headlines have long overshadowed inconvenient truths about biology and economics. Now, extensive new research suggests the industry may be on a billion-dollar crash course with reality.

5 Israeli Cultivated Meat Startups Taking Off Because of Corona

Producing real meat without harming animals or the environment is no fantasy. Thirty cultivated meat startups, five of them Israeli, have emerged over the past seven years. Giant industry players such as Tyson are investing in this quest.

Improving The Costs and Yields of Lab-Grown Meat

January 20, 2020 TIM SANDLE , Digital Journal

Investment in lab-grown meet continues, with the search for the type of product that will taste more realistic to ‘real meat’ and which can also be produced to scale. Researchers have put forward a new process that could deliver a consistent product.

The $ 280K Lab-Grown Burger Could be a More Palatable $ 10 in Two Years

Lab-grown meat, first introduced to the world six years ago in the form of a $280,000 hamburger, could hit supermarket shelves at $10 a patty within two years, European start-ups told Reuters.

SD Gov. Signs Law that Targets Companies Marketing ‘Fake Meat’

March 28, 2019 Associated Press

Gov. Kristi Noem has signed legislation that requires “fake meat” products to be correctly labeled, hoping to reduce the impact of lab-cultured products on the local beef market.