Taziki’s Announces New Lamb Burger in Partnership with American Lamb

Taziki’s Mediterranean Café and the American Lamb Board are working together to promote accessible options that incorporate lamb into the diet of American families by introducing the new Taziki’s Lamb Burger.

Future Meat Technologies Launches World’s First Industrial Cultured Meat Production Facility

Future Meat Technologies, an industry-leading company developing innovative technology to produce cultured meat, has opened the world’s first industrial cultured meat facility. With the capability to produce 500 kilograms of cultured products a day, equivalent to 5,000 hamburgers, this facility makes scalable cell-based meat production a reality.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Sees Growing U.S. Appetite for Grass-fed and Sustainably Raised Meat

Despite significant export and supply chain disruptions, New Zealand’s red meat exports reached a record high of $9.2 billion last year, with the U.S. leading beef export volume growth across all key global markets.

World Select Cuts Launches New Product, Aussie Select Specialty Meats

May 21, 2021 World Select Cuts

As retailers look ahead to drive post-COVID growth through premium innovation, World Select Cuts, LLC is excited to announce the launch of its line of hand-crafted, premium deli meats featuring free-range, pasture-raised Australian lamb: Aussie Select™ . The products are ready to slice, ready to eat and ready to excite today’s discerning consumer.

AGNEI Iberico Conquers Hong Kong Palates During Spanish Luxury Lamb Promotion

The Spanish Interprofessional Sheep and Goat Meat Organization, is pleased to announce the great success in our inaugural promotion campaign “Luxury Lamb & Mutton. More than luxury meat” in Hong Kong, from 8th until the 22nd April 2021.