$ 1 Billion Salmon Farming Industry to Launch on Md. Eastern Shore

July 17, 2020 Chesapeake Bay Magazine

Something big is coming to Maryland’s Eastern Shore, in the form of a 26-acre building filled with 500,000-gallon tanks. Inside the tanks, farm-raised Atlantic salmon will be harvested for sale across the United States.

Will Your Next Salmon Come from a Massive Land Tank in Florida?

This so-called Bluehouse is on track to become the world’s biggest land-based fish farm over the next decade, eventually producing a billion meals a year on a campus the size of the Mall of America.

Impact-Focused 8F Raises $ 358m for Land-Based Salmon Farming Fund

8F Asset Management, a Singapore-headquartered impact-focused private equity firm, has raised $ 358 million for its debut fund that will finance its global land-based salmon aquaculture business, the company announced Wednesday.