FDA Announces Targeted Sampling, Additional Efforts to Enhance the Safety of Leafy Greens

September 9, 2022 FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is committed to enhancing the safety of leafy greens through continued implementation of the Leafy Greens STEC Action Plan (LGAP). As part of this effort the FDA is announcing targeted sampling of leafy greens grown on farms and ranches during the fall 2022 harvest season in the Salinas Valley region of California, releasing results from a 2021 sampling assignment, and providing an update on other work under the action plan.

Kalera Expands Distribution of Hydroponic, Vertically Grown Leafy Greens to Trader Joe’s Locations in Texas

August 25, 2022 Kalera

Kalera, a world leader in indoor vertical farming, announces distribution of its ultra-clean, non-GMO, leafy greens to 40 Trader Joe’s locations throughout Texas. All varieties are grown at Kalera’s Houston facility,

AeroFarms to Add 66 Jobs in Pittsylvania

New Jersey-based leafy greens producer AeroFarms plans to add 66 more jobs as it increases production at its vertical farm in Pittsylvania County, the governor’s office announced.

Revol Greens Continues Expansion with New Texas Greenhouse

July 20, 2022 Revol Greens

Revol Greens is moving full steam ahead with growth plans to continue meeting consumer demand as they prepare for the opening in Temple, TX, their largest facility to date. Planting within the first of 20 planned acres in Phase 1 of this new greenhouse is expected to start by the end of 2022.  At scale, and coupled with existing capacity, the Texas facility will provide Revol Greens with nearly 50 acres of organic baby leaf production equaling over 25 million pounds of fresh product annually.

Understanding the Why Behind Food Safety Motivates Food Producers

June 29, 2022 California LGMA

Nearly ten years ago the California LGMA partnered with STOP Foodborne Illness to create a motivational training video for leafy greens producers.  The video features the stories of two young women, Rylee Gustafson and Lauren Bush, who became seriously ill with E. coli after eating contaminated spinach in 2006.  The video also features farmer Dan Sutton who emphasizes to the women that he will share their stories to help make a difference.