Fruit Attraction, the Spanish Trade Fair, is Getting Ready for its Re-encounter with the Horticulture Sector on 5-7 October

May 6, 2021 Fruit Attraction

Fruit Attraction, one of the main international trade fairs of the horticulture sector, organised by IFEMA MADRID and FEPEX, is to hold its in-person edition on 5-7 October in Madrid. This means that the commercial re-encounter of the horticulture sector just so happens to be taking place in year that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has declared the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables.

European Lemons Guarantee Highest Quality Production Year-Round

One of the secrets of the production success of European lemons is that they are available 12 months of the year. The two main varieties, Fino and Verna, have complementary harvesting seasons, providing fresh, natural, high quality lemons 365 days a year.

European Lemons Are #1 in World Lemon Production for 2020

According to data from the World Citrus Organization, Europe led the world lemon production in 2020 with 1,871,011 tons produced.

Produce Company Granting Farmworkers Wishes

January 28, 2021 THX! Dreams

In May, THX! Dreams will have produce (blueberries, lemons and pears) from Georgia! Currently produce is heavily from South America. Retailers are all over the US and can typically be found in Kroger, Safeway and the Albertsons stores, as well as Whole Foods and Publix.

Bee Sweet Citrus Encourages Consumers to Set Sight on Specialty Citrus

December 16, 2020 Bee Sweet Citrus

California’s citrus domestic season is in full-swing and the Bee Sweet Citrus team is encouraging consumers to set their sight on specialty citrus varieties.