Price Comparisons Show Supermarket Weekly TPRs Often Beat Aldi and Lidl EDLPs

March 21, 2019 Brick Meets Click

To win against Aldi and Lidl, supermarkets need to change their traditional approach to competing against hard discounters and embrace new strategies that leverage their strengths, according to Bill Bishop, Chief Architect of Brick Meets Click. Bishop presented this guidance last month at the 2019 NGA convention in San Diego, CA.

Germany’s Lidl seeks $ 9.5M From PA for Six Grocery Stores, Including Northeast Philly Site

March 15, 2019 Jacob Adelman,

German grocer Lidl is seeking a combined $9.5 million in state redevelopment grants for six stores across Pennsylvania, including a location along the Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia that had not been previously disclosed.