Stemilt’s Lil Snappers Opens Opportunities for Small Size Apples and Pears This Year

October 14, 2022 Stemilt

Stemilt’s Lil Snappers® kid-size fruit puts tiny fruit, into tiny hands offering parents a convenient, healthy fruit option for their kids. Stemilt’s Marketing Director, Brianna Shales, explains how retailers can shift focus from bulk apple promotions to include Lil Snappers® 3 lb. bag program in the regular apple and pear mix to move volume of smaller fruit this year. 

Strengthen the Apple Category with Stemilt’s Artisan Organics Lil Snappers Apples

June 1, 2020 Stemilt Growers

If retailers want to provide consumers with healthy, grab-and-go snack options, then look no further than Stemilt’s Artisan Organics™ Lil Snappers® apples. Lil Snappers® kid size fruit is dedicated to serving families a healthy snack they can feel good about consuming during the upcoming summer months.