Endangered Whales Causing ‘Mess’ for P.E.I. Lobster Crews Forced to Move Traps

Lobster boat crews on P.E.I.’s North Shore are hoping two endangered right whales scram before they cause further disruption to their livelihoods.

P.E.I. Fishers Call Spring Lobster Prices ‘A Slap in the Face’

P.E.I. lobster fishers say they’re disappointed with prices so far this season, at a time when they’re faced with the rising cost of doing business.

The $200 Million Lobster Season is Underway in Quebec

May 5, 2023 The Canadian Press

The lobster season is underway in Quebec, starting with Saturday’s launch in the Gaspé Peninsula.

Do-Not-Eat Listing Draws Lawsuit From Maine Lobster Industry

A coalition representing the Maine lobster industry is suing an aquarium on the other side of the country for recommending that seafood customers avoid buying a variety of lobster mostly harvested in their state.

Federal Court Hears Arguments From Maine Lobstermen Appealing Right Whale Regulations

February 27, 2023 Nicole Ogrysko, Maine Public

A federal appeals court heard arguments Friday from the Maine Lobstermen’s Association, which is challenging a government plan to regulate the fishery and conserve endangered right whales.