P.E.I.’s Fall Lobster Fishery Coping With Low Prices and High Costs

Prices are at least $2 to $3 less a pound than they were just a few months ago — in some cases as low as half of what they were in the spring lobster fishery. 

Federal Commission Considers Increasing Legal Size of Lobsters to Protect Fishery

A federal commission will discuss increasing the minimum legal size of caught lobsters or other management measures to respond to a decline in numbers of juvenile lobster in recent years.

P.E.I. Fall Lobster Season Sees Record Prices

October 11, 2021 Kevin Yarr, CBC News

The fall lobster season, off the southern and western shores of P.E.I., closes this weekend, and it’s been a good one.

Commerce Secretary Asked to Reject Lobster Fishery Closure

August 20, 2021 Susan Farley, WFVX Bangor

Maine’s congressional delegation is calling on the U.S. secretary of commerce to reject a petition calling for seasonal closures in parts of Maine’s lobster fishing industry.

Managing Crab and Lobster Catches Could Offer Long-Term Benefits

February 15, 2021 University Of Plymouth

A study by the University of Plymouth has found that managing the density of crab and lobster pots at an optimum level increases the quality of catch, benefits the marine environment and makes the industry more sustainable in the long term.