Main Wholesale Florist: 2020 Pantone Classic Blue

September 24, 2020 Main Wholesale Florist

Have you heard? Pantone has released it’s 2020 color of the year and it is… (drumroll) Classic Blue! Each year the professionals over at Pantone choose a color they think will trend this year in fashion, events, and lifestyle. Inevitably, it becomes a staple color for wedding season and we find a lot of trends are started using the Pantone color of the year.

For the Love of Tulips: A History

September 18, 2020 Main Wholesale Florist

For as long as there have been flowers, people have loved tulips! They are the perfect flower for any occasion or time of year. With a variety of colors and texture, it is no surprise these wholesale flowers are highly sought after. Where did this admiration come from and why can’t we get enough of this lovely bloom?