Maine’s Lobster Industry is Feeling the Pinch

September 27, 2022 Economist

businesses on what marine life to eat, placed the Atlantic lobster on its “avoid” list. According to Seafood Watch, the lines used in lobster fishing can entangle the endangered North Atlantic right whale. Outraged Maine lobstermen say they have not had an entanglement with a right whale in nearly two decades.

Maine Lobster Week has Returned

Maine Lobster Week is back and there are plenty of menus to check out from Kennebunk to Bar Harbor.

Fishermen Must Be Heard About Whale Rules, Maine Gov Says

Maine’s governor said Tuesday the federal government is moving ahead too quickly with potential new restrictions on the lobster fishing industry, and isn’t taking the industry’s concerns about the changes into account.

Watchdog Group Puts Maine Lobster on List of Seafood to Avoid

September 9, 2022 Brad Rogers, WGME

An influential watchdog group is adding 14 types of fish, including Maine lobster, to its list consumers should avoid, even though lobster is safe to eat, unless you’re allergic to shellfish.

A Tale of Two Gulfs: Warming Waters Impact the Maine Lobster Industry

July 29, 2022 Norah Hogan, WMTW

As climate change causes Maine waters to warm, lobstermen are forced to adapt to changes in the lobster industry.