Scientists Predict Maine’s Lobster Boom Will End Within 5 Years

A new study predicts landings will fall 20 percent to 40 percent in the next four to five years in much of eastern Maine, and by over 90 percent in the eastern part of Penobscot Bay, the heart of the recent lobster explosion.

Lobster Catch ‘Slow’, Cold Spring May be to Blame

Fishermen and scientists are putting much of the blame on the cold weather in the spring that lasted almost to the end of June, saying that coastal water temperatures on the bottom, where the lobsters live, have been slow to warm up to make the lobsters active.

Maine Dealers Anxious To Restore Lobster Trade

Although “gut-punched” by a U.S.-China trade war, most Maine lobster dealers would try to recapture the China market if ongoing trade talks prove successful.

Maine Cod Fishery Plummets to Least Valuable Year Since 1960s

Maine’s cod fishery, once one of the most lucrative in the Northeast, has declined to the point that it had its least valuable year in more than a half-century in 2018.

Packing of Baby Eels may be Overseen by Maine Law Enforcement

Maine’s lucrative baby eel industry will likely face tighter controls this year designed to thwart poaching, as officials consider requiring state law enforcement officers to oversee the packing and shipping of the valuable fish.