Aquaculture Growth Means Job Opportunities In Maine

November 5, 2020 Bangor Daily News

As we approach winter, it’s an ideal time to reflect on the challenges in the seafood industry since the start of the pandemic and the need to continue to support an industry that feeds millions of Americans a year.

Entrance of Large-Scale Fisheries and Aquatic Farms Could Hamper Maine Aquaculture Industry

October 16, 2020 Kathryn Miles, US News

The rise of small-scale, artisan operations like Springtide Seaweed promises to continue that trend. So too does a trend toward large-scale, land-based operations, which have traditional seafood farmers and some residents of coastal towns wondering if this spike in the industry could damage some of the state’s most valued coastal ecosystems.

Maine Hits Snag in Effort to Distribute Pandemic Aid to Seafood Industry


Maine’s plan to distribute the $ 20 million in COVID-19 relief earmarked for the state’s seafood industry is facing unexpected opposition from federal regulators who say individual recipients, not the fishery as a whole, must demonstrate a 35 percent revenue loss this spring before they can qualify for pandemic assistance.

Scientists Predict Maine’s Lobster Boom Will End Within 5 Years

A new study predicts landings will fall 20 percent to 40 percent in the next four to five years in much of eastern Maine, and by over 90 percent in the eastern part of Penobscot Bay, the heart of the recent lobster explosion.

Lobster Catch ‘Slow’, Cold Spring May be to Blame

Fishermen and scientists are putting much of the blame on the cold weather in the spring that lasted almost to the end of June, saying that coastal water temperatures on the bottom, where the lobsters live, have been slow to warm up to make the lobsters active.