Maine Dealers Anxious To Restore Lobster Trade

Although “gut-punched” by a U.S.-China trade war, most Maine lobster dealers would try to recapture the China market if ongoing trade talks prove successful.

Maine Cod Fishery Plummets to Least Valuable Year Since 1960s

Maine’s cod fishery, once one of the most lucrative in the Northeast, has declined to the point that it had its least valuable year in more than a half-century in 2018.

Packing of Baby Eels may be Overseen by Maine Law Enforcement

Maine’s lucrative baby eel industry will likely face tighter controls this year designed to thwart poaching, as officials consider requiring state law enforcement officers to oversee the packing and shipping of the valuable fish.

Maine Lobster Orders Tank as Chinese Turn to Tariff-Free Canada

What had been one of the busiest times of the year is a reminder of the devastating impact of the U.S.-China trade war and of the need to refocus on domestic Chinatowns and new Asian markets.

New Marketing Plan Will Pitch Maine’s Soft-Shell Lobster to Fishmongers

The Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative will redirect most of its $2.2 million yearly budget to win over the middlemen.