Fact-Check: Are Meat-Packing Companies Making Record Profits?

“The four big meat packers are raking in record profits,” she wrote in a June 16 guest column for Fox News, which was co-authored by Brooke Miller, president of the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association. 

Proposed Meat Packing Plant Gets Name, and a New Partnership

June 15, 2022 Keith Grant, KOTA

On May 27 it was announced that a $1.1 billion meat packing plant would be opening in Rapid City, and on June 6 Kingsbury and Associates, along with Sirius Realty announced the name of the proposed meat packing plant as well as their partnership with the Farmers Union Industries.

Giant Eagle Accuses Top Beef Packers of Collusion

Grocery retailer Giant Eagle filed suit in Chicago claiming Cargill, National Beef, JBS, Tyson, and several of their subsidiaries are conspiring to limit the supply of beef they sell to artificially inflate prices.

Ranchers Disturbed by Meat Packer Settlement

February 16, 2022 Lane Nordlund, KTVQ

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) said there were disturbed by the announcement. The group wants to know what has happened to the cattle industry’s demands for a federal investigation into the beef markets going back to 2019.

Analysis: High U.S. Meat Prices: Packer Profiteering or Capacity Crunch?

January 20, 2022 David Lawder, Reuters

The Biden administration is targeting a small group of meat packers for high beef, pork and poultry prices that it says are squeezing consumers and fueling inflation, arguing that they are abusing their market power.